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How to reserve facility times:
In the upper right hand side of the page, you will see Login.  Click on that Login and it will bring up a chance for you to enter name and password.
For the name, it is required you use first and last. 
You must submit both names.  Example :  John Doe
The password is: schedule
This will allow you access to one page, the Indoor Facility schedule.
So, after logging in as schedule, go back to Indoor Facility, then schedule
It will allow you to edit that page.
Click on edit
Sign up for your time slots.  Click submit when done.  Please do not edit anything else, such as dates and times, etc.
Please be respectful and do not remove someone's name to put yours in the time slot.  Do not remove a team either.  Even when the teams are in there the first lane will be left available for individual use.  It is the iron mike machine, but you can put in a screen and throw if desired.  Or you can throw in that lane as well.