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Brenkman Memorial Indoor Facility
  • Absolutely NO SEEDS of any kind. No Spitting on the floor
  • No cleats of ANY kind are to be worn
  • Nobody under the age of 13 feeding the machines
  • Anyone under the age of 17 must wear a helmet in the cage
  • Do not mix pitching machines balls with leather balls in the same bucket
  • No leather balls in the pitching machines
  • No hitting or throwing into the walls
  • Do not remove balls from the facility
  • Do not hit into the side of the tunnels if the tunnel is occupied
  • Do not remove L screens from the tunnel.  If you choose not to use them please put it to the side.


Usage Guidelines / Info


  • Every year a new waiver form must be signed for each family member.
  • Tunnel reservations can be made by calling the facility directly at 309-256-1341 or by contacting Jim Scime at scime7@gmail.com
  • Please confirm that the times are available by checking the online schedule ==>  http://mortonyouthbaseball.org
  • New membership fees must be paid before first use, otherwise a tunnel rental fee will be charged.
  • Cash or check only – checks made out to MYBA – No credit cards
  • Walk ins are welcome. However space will be assigned by reservations first then walk in. So to guarantee a tunnel – schedule through one of the means listed above.
  • You can only schedule at least a day in advance.
  • Tunnel can be rented for half hour or hour time slots.  Maximum time is an hour for members. Nonmembers can pay for 1 hour hitting and 1 hour pitching.
  • Tunnel and pitching times are for maximum of 4 athletes – if more than 4 the time needs to be reserved under the team rental rates.
  • If a team is present all players hitting in the T stations must wear a helmet
  • You can throw, hit and do grounders in the hitting tunnel
  • You can not pull tunnel netting back unless you have the entire building rented, and you must finish 5 minutes before the hour to allow for nets to be put back.  You can continue to use pitching lanes during the last 5 minutes just not hitting tunnel area.
  • Please pick up the balls and return to the buckets so it ready for the next person.