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2023 Field Duty

For the 2022 season, each Board Member, Associate, Travel/Travel Lite Head Coach and Travel/Travel Lite Assistant Coach is required to sign up for at least 2 shifts this season.  On travel weekends, it is incumbent upon the travel teams to get volunteers from the team parents to help with grilling and garbage. Please try to always have at least 1 person who is not coaching on field duty each night to be available for crowd control. Here are the responsibilities for field duty volunteers:

1 All lights need to be turned on at fields in play no later than 7:00PM
2 Grill at concession stand when at least 3 fields have double headers or back to back games
3 Make sure umpires for in-house games are present and signed in
4 At the end of the night lock up all building and take the the trash by the concession door to the dumpster
5 Once everyone has left be sure all buildings all locked up, do not leave before concession stand staff has left.
6 Field duty assignments are from 5PM - 9PM or when the last game is finished


Please view the link below for available field duty shifts and send an email to   to request that shift.