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2020 Morton Round Robin 14U
Friday 7/24/2020 POOL PLAY       Pool 1  
  HOME   VISITORS   Renegades Blue
5:30 PM Renegades Blue V MATBO   MATBO  
7:30 PM Morton  V Dunlap   Coal Jaxx  
          Pool 2  
Saturday 7/25/2020 POOL PLAY          
9:00 AM MATBO V Coal Jaxx      
11:30 AM Dunlap V Washington    
2:00 PM Coal Jaxx V Renegades Blue    
4:30 PM Washington V Morton      
Sunday 7/26/2020            
    Seed #1        
  Seed 4          
    Game#3 12:00 PM WNR #3    
8:00AM Game #1          
    Winner Game #1      
  Seed 5          
  Seed 3     5:00 PM    
10:00 AM Game #2 Winner Game #2      
  Seed 6 Game#4 2:00 PM WNR #4    
    Seed #2        
All Games will be on Highschool field #4
Team listed first in Pool Play and higher seed in tourney will be in 3rd base dugout
OUTdoor cages available first come first serve
Teams need to be ready early if games ahead of schedule
****60/90 BBCOR only****
Official Tourney Rules to follow