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12U Schedule:

12U Games Date Time Team 1 Team 2
1 Friday, April 30th 6:00PM Morton Matbo
2 Saturday May 1st 9:00 AM G7 Morton
3 Saturday May 1st   11:00 AM Tremont Matbo
4 Saturday May 1st   1:00 PM G7 Matbo
5 Saturday May 1st 3:00 PM CI Spikes Tremont
6 Saturday, May 1st 5:00PM Morton CI Spikes
7 Sunday May 2nd 9:00 AM CI Spikes Matbo
8 Sunday May 2nd 11:00 AM Tremont Morton
9 Sunday May 2nd 1:00 PM G7 CI Spikes
10 Sunday May 2nd 3:00 PM Tremont G7
11 Sunday May 2nd 5:00 PM 1st Seed 2nd Seed
  All games on Field 6      
  1:45 time limit      
  Flip for Home or Away G1-G10      
  G11: Team with higher ranking will be home