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Lite Round Robin Teams Entered - 2023

* Denotes Payment Received


First 5 paid teams will be confirmed in the Tournament
Tournament: April 28th - April 30th

  U9 Lite U10 Lite U11 Lite U12 Lite U13 Lite U14 Lite 
1 Morton Potters Morton Potters Morton Potters Morton Potters Morton Potters Limestone Rockets*

BNBA Renegades White*

Christian Center Red*


MATBO Black*

TV Vikings*

Christian Center Blue*

3 Mahomet-Seymour* Mahomet-Seymour* MC Pony Express Gray* Christian Center Blue* Central Illinois Gravity* BNBA Renegades White*
4 IL Valley Predators* IL Valley Predators* Canes - Hess* Washington Wolves* Midwest Militia* Game 7 - Shine*


Central IL Vipers* Eureka* BNBA Renegades Blue* East Peoria*  
    Washington* Midwest Militia* Dunlap Gold* Washington*